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​​I am Judy Bartkowiak and I specialise in working with children and parents. My projects tend to be games and toys, books, TV shows, ads or apps.

I’ve worked with children for many years following having four of my own. I’d been working in Market Research for years, starting at Taylor Nelson, then moving to ICI and then Q-Search.

When I started my family I continued to work in Market Research, lecturing on the Post Graduate Market Research Diploma courses and Marketing courses at Kingston University and City of London University.

I found with the help of a New Zealand nanny Mags, that I was able to continue my Market Research Consultancy business which I soon combined with running a Montessori Nursery for our children.

When they went to Primary school I set up Kids Brands Europe and focused entirely on kids research. I hold an MA in International Marketing as well as a Post Grad in Market Research so Brand Licensing was a great area to work in. I’ve worked on most if not all the big kids TV characters and toy brands which has been great fun. Brand Stretch, Brand fit, Brand personality are all areas that I love.

Along the way I trained in NLP and have brought these skills to the world of Market Research as whether you are coaching a child with anxiety or trying to find out which words excite a child’s interest in a TV campaign, being able to connect, build rapport and ask questions in the way children will want to respond is what makes a difference in the end. You want children to have a good experience and together work towards a positive result.

I have also trained in creative writing and I wrote ‘Secrets of Success in Brand Licensing’ and ‘Learn Market Research in a Week’ as well as a number of NLP books and a children’s series promoting self-esteem.

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Whether you are a client or a research agency, I’m always happy to work with children so do get in touch follow me on Twitter @judybart (

If you’re a parent and you or  your children or teens would like to take part occasionally in research projects, online or in the Maidenhead area please  join my European panel on Facebook (

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