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Building rapport with children


It is extremely easy to get on with kids. Why do I start with this? Because whether you get on with them or not will entirely depend on how you decide it’s going to be. If you worry about it ahead of time, dread what could happen and overthink the whole thing then it will indeed be a struggle because you’ve decided it will be so.  You can start by doing this exercise. Find somewhere quiet and free from distractions…

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VAK for Qualitative Researchers


I am a fidget pot – I can’t sit still, I want to be on the go. I’m kinaesthetic. If you have one of me in your focus group, work with or present to a Kinaesthetic you will need to ensure you keep them interested because they have a low boredom threshold. They want short bites, something they can respond to and the opportunity to get involved. You need to incorporate exercises for them, keep sections short and introduce breaks…

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Building rapport as a moderator

eye accessing

As researchers we need to establish rapport quickly and sustain it as we gain insight from complete strangers on an issue that is unfamiliar to us. So how can NLP enable us to do this? The map is not the territory How the world looks to us is not the same as it is for our focus group respondents. As we sit preparing for another group of respondents with briefcase, armfuls of stimulus material and our ubiquitous laptop, our respondents…

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