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Building rapport with children


It is extremely easy to get on with kids. Why do I start with this? Because whether you get on with them or not will entirely depend on how you decide it’s going to be. If you worry about it ahead of time, dread what could happen and overthink the whole thing then it will indeed be a struggle because you’ve decided it will be so.  You can start by doing this exercise. Find somewhere quiet and free from distractions…

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What to expect from a Market Research proposal

learn market res book

It is the job of the research supplier to respond to the brief by considering the requirements, familiarising themselves with the product and product category, any previous research findings provided and provide a written proposal. The research buyer appraises all the proposals submitted and compares them to decide which one best meets their brief. The Market Research Proposal is in effect the contract between the client and the supplier and commits them to a specific research design with agreed timing…

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